Lifeboat Moonta

Photo source ssMaritime
  • 1956-2016: Nameless
  • 2017-Present: Moonta
  • 1955-1966: Hellenic Mediterranean lines
  • January 19, 1956
In service:
  • 1956
Building nr:
  • 5607
General characteristics
Weight: 1635 kg
Length: 8,20 mtr
Beam: 2,55 mtr
Draught: 1,04 mtr
Propulsion: None
Speed: Not applicable
Capacity: 50 passengers
MV Moonta, the ‘mothership’ of lifeboat Moonta, was built in 1931 in Denmark and served many years as passengership. There were four lifeboats in service, two on each side.
In 1955 MV Moonta was sold to Greek Hellenic Mediterranean Lines for cruising. Hellenic doubled the passenger capacity and renamed her Lydia.
More people meant more lifeboats needed, so Hellenic purchased four more lifeboats, so now there were four on each side which could hold 50 passengers each. The build numbers of these lifeboats were 5605 up to and including 5608. One of these lifeboats was Moonta with build nr. 5607. Lifeboat 5608 was the only lifeboat in this serie that was motor driven. It could hold 47 passengers and it had a Coventry Victor 367 built in.



MV Moonta

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Photo source ssMaritime
  • 1931-1955: Moonta
  • 1955-1966: Lydia
  • 1967-Present: Le Lydia “The sand liner”
  • 1931-1955: Adelaide Steamship Company
  • 1955-1966: Hellenic Mediterranean lines
  • 1967-1974: SEMETA
  • 1974-1988: Seibu Japanese Group
  • 1988-1997: Alain Ferrand
  • 2000-2010: Partouche Group
  • 2010-present: Mairie du Barcarés
Builder: Burmeister & Wain
Launched: June 1931
Completed: November 21, 1931
In service: 1931
Out of service: 1967
General characteristics
Tonnage: 2,693 gross register tons (GRT)
Length: 298 feet
Beam: 44 feet
Draught: 15.10 feet
Propulsion: B&W diesels
Speed: 12.5 knots
Capacity: 155 passengers
Notes: [1]



MV Moonta is a 1931 built Australian coastal passenger ship. Later in life she became the landlocked casino ship and tourist attraction Casino Le Lydia in Le Barcarès, France Coordinates: 42°49′38.92″N 3°2′28.34″E